Who is Oliver?

July 16, 2010

In the 1970s, Oliver the chimpanzee was touted as the “Humanzee” or “The Missing Link.” Purportedly part human and part chimpanzee, he walked upright and it is claimed that he smoked cigars and drank whiskey while watching television with his owner.

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Project Oliver

July 15, 2010

Project Oliver – the web series, hopes to inspire the funding, design and building of a new green space that will be built in Oliver the chimpanzee’s memory. That dome-shaped habitat will have a grass bottom with various climbing structures and enrichment elements. Tunnels from other habitats would enable different chimpanzee groups to take turns enjoying this new environment. Many of them will be able to walk on the grass for the first time in years.

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The Creatives

July 12, 2010

Project Oliver is inspired by and dedicated to Oliver and all the chimpanzees at the Primarily Primates Animal Sanctuary. The project’s director, Andy Cockrum, is no stranger to producing videos about the sanctuary. In the past few years he has volunteered his time and services and created well over fifty videos for the sanctuaries website. You can watch the videos here.

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