July 13, 2010

There are more than 400 animals living at the Primarily Primates animal sanctuary, representing species from around the world. Among them are 61 chimpanzees and various types of monkeys, lemurs, birds and large cats.

Rescued from the pet-trade, entertainment and research industries, these animals were no longer wanted and may have had to live out their lives alone in small cages, or be euthanized. Fortunately they found their way here.

A short list of some of the animals that live at the sanctuary.
Chimpanzees, Spider Monkeys, Capuchines, Marmosets, Tamarins, Baboons, Macaques, White Crowned Mangabey, Guennon, Vervets, Patas and Gibbons. Other animals include Lemurs, birds and large cats such as Bob cats, Servals and Mountain Lions.

Kimchi the gibbon sits on a bowling ball in one of several naturalistic habitats.
Bowling balls have proven to be excellent enrichment elements, as the monkeys can roll them around but they are too heavy to throw.

A mother and baby ring-tailed lemur in one of several naturalistic habitats at Primarily Primates.

Baby Hope and Amy enjoy grapes in one of six large, grass-bottomed habitats.

A spider monkey climbs a ladder.

Jesse and his brother James are two mountain lions living at the sanctuary.