Kickstarter Project

July 15, 2010

The Project Oliver web series was able to launch largely because of the generous support of 85 people who believed in the project and wanted to help build Oliver a new home. In May 2010, filmmaker Andy Cockrum posted his idea for a web series on, a website where filmmakers, artists and musicians can pitch and potentially fund their projects.

Thirty days after posting “Home for Oliver” (now called “Project Oliver”), the web series exceeded its funding goal and raised $4,849 with the support of more than 85 backers from all around the world. The money goes towards the design and implementation of a website and the editing of the web series over a six-month period. Additionally, some funding may be spent for travel to sanctuaries around the country.

The Kickstarter Supporters
Maryanne Appel, Candice Barnett, Melanie Barr, Albert Bechtel, David J. Bethell, Shari Bence, Wesley Bohannon, Shield Bonnichsen, Bonita, Shandra Campbell, Chas, Mick Chester, Christina Mason, Zach Chassler, Karen Crowe, Cylinda, Dorie Cranshaw, Bill Cherryjy, Aakash Dheer, Claudia Delemont, Jennifer Douglas, Donald Day, Lynette Dumont, Scott Dewey, Dannibeth, Ellen, Priscilla Feral, Roy Fuller, Dominic Fratto, Kyle Frackman, Michelle Freier, Holly Figueroa O’Reilly, Laurie Gawelko, Anthony E. Galligani, Nora Hanson, Michelle Higgs, Raymond Ho, Barbara Huning, Amy Jankelow, Carole Keene, Shelly Ladd, Manu Lawrence, Parker Lewis, Robert Levy, Diane LeBlanc, lmr400, Lisa Markavage, Valerie Marini, Robin Mayhall, Diane McClure, Paul Mcdonnell, Stephen Miller, Nancy, Funmi Fum Ogunro, Paepcke, Alison Pascoe, Pete Staunch, Jessica Pynn, Scott Radish, Matthew Rappaport, Joni Rogers, RosalieInc, Christine Rabbath, Thomas J. Rowan, Cheyenne Rothman, Sharon, Elsa Saldana, Crystal Scott, Jane Seymour, Yetik Serbest, Gabrielle Shannon, Jane Slade, No Kill Houston, Keijiro Suzuki, Twiddy, Eva Ulfeldt, dj venus, Nina Voltaire, Atrian Wagner, Kristina Weber, Wendy, Mary Williams.

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