The Chimpanzees of Primarily Primates (Gallery One)

July 10, 2010

There are more than 60 chimpanzees at the sanctuary. Most are rescues from research laboratories and the entertainment industry, while others are former pets who became too unmanageable, dangerous and expensive to keep. Here are a few of these amazing apes.

Buck was once a pet — until he became too big and expensive to keep.
Buck now lives in this grass-bottomed habitat with two female chimpanzees. Here he plays on his fire hose swing.

Deeter grew up at Primarily Primates.
Here he sits in one of six grass-bottomed habitats.

Hope swings while her mother, Grace, watches. (Photo by Christia Madacsi)hope

Four of the six large, grass-bottomed habitats for chimpanzees at the sanctuary

The goal of Project Oliver is to one day see Oliver sitting in the grass, much like this chimpanzee.

Each of the grass-bottomed chimpanzee habitats at the sanctuary have room for the chimpanzees to run, climb and play.