Episode 19: The Story of Bo and the Primadome

Primarily Primates is close to erecting a large grass bottomed habitat for chimpanzees at the sanctuary, and young sanctuary supporter, Gracie Chavez, tells the story of Bo and the Primadome.

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Episode 18: Enrichment by Brooke Chavez

Enrichment Coordinator, Brooke Chavez, creates enriching experiences for the animals at the Primarily Primates animal sanctuary.

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Episode 17: Oliver’s Playscape – A memorial to Oliver

In memory of Oliver, Primarily Primates and Project Oliver are hoping to raise funding to build a large enrichment habitat and playscape for several of the chimpanzees at the sanctuary. This grass bottomed habitat will feature a cupola at the top where chimpanzees can view the sanctuary from above the treetops. It will also feature [...]

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Episode 16: Joseph and the coconuts

Primarily Primates animal caregiver, Joseph, brightens the day of many of the chimpanzees at the sanctuary by bringing them one of their favorite treats; coconuts.

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Episode 15: Oliver’s Memorial

Oliver’s ashes are scattered by the PPI staff who knew him best. In memory of Oliver, Oliver’s chimpanzee friends enjoy Oliver’s favorite coconut/raspberry sorbet.

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Episode 14: Oliver’s favorite: Coconut Sorbet

A week before he passed away, Oliver sat in his patch of grass dining on various fruits and vegetables while his human friends and family kept him company. The feast concluded with his favorite treat that he would get from time to time and always enjoyed; coconut sorbet.

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Episode 12: A Touch Of Green

The care staff at Primarily Primates Animal Sanctuary explores new ways to re-introduce natural elements to Oliver’s current habitat.

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Episode 11: New Residents

There are many great projects going on at Primarily Primates Animal sanctuary. Today they welcome two new residents, Calder and Greer.

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Episode 10: Oliver’s Mother’s Day Brunch

It’s been a few days, and Oliver has refused to eat anything but grapes. Can the Primarily Primates tempt his appetite with a Mother’s Day brunch?

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Episode 9: Interview excerpt-Janet Danner

As part of “Project Oliver” we are in the process of finding people from Oliver’s past so that we can more accurately document his life. This is a short excerpt from former animal trainer, Janet (Berger) Danner.

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Episode 8: Helmet Skaters

While walking through the Primarily Primates Animal Sanctuary, Filmmaker Andy Cockrum stumbles upon a most interesting chimpanzee activity.

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Episode 7: Inspiration

Artist Heyd Fontenot, visits the Primarily Primates Animal Sanctuary to illustrate a few possible concepts for a new green space for Oliver the chimpanzee.

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Episode 6: Eagle Scouts

Phase One: A local Eagle Scout troop, design and build new enrichment features for Oliver’s home at Primarily Primates Animal Sanctuary.

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Episode 5: Wild Animals-Macaques

Twenty five Java Macaques arrive at Primarily Primates after their release from a New Jersey toxicology lab. It’s up to the sanctuary to give these animals a new life free from restraining collars and isolation.

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Episode 4: Watermelon Party

The chimpanzees and Gibbons of Primarily Primates enjoy a watermelon party. (7:25)

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Episode 3: Introduction to Primarily Primates

Today, Oliver lives at Primarily Primates, an animals sanctuary near San Antonio, Texas. Watch a short introduction to about the sanctuary. (4 minutes)

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Episode 2: What is Project Oliver?

A short introduction to the goal of building Oliver and other chimpanzees at the Primarily Primates Animal Sanctuary, new grass bottomed living areas. (2:09)

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Episode 1: Who is Oliver?

In the 1970s, Oliver the chimpanzee was touted as the “Humanzee” or “The Missing Link.” Supposedly part human and part chimpanzee, he walked upright and it is claimed that he smoked cigars and drank whiskey while watching television with his owner. (6:30)

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Project Oliver Preview

In the 1970′s he was world famous. Then, he was all but forgotten. Follow his incredible journey and bring him home to green.

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Project Oliver