Then, Now, the Future…

February 4, 2010

This is a series of photos depicting where the animals from Primarily Primates came from and where they are now.

In 1983 the first chimpanzee to be rescued by Primarily Primates was Rudy who had been left at a convenience store in this cage which was on a small trailer.

In 1983 after rescuing Rudy, the sanctuary successfully raised funding to build the first chimpanzee habitat at the sanctuary. Every habitat since then has grown in size and six of them include grass bottoms.

While the last six chimpanzee habitats that were built are quite large and have grass bottoms, the first few that were built, including Rudy’s, have concrete floors. All the habitats at the sanctuary have enrichment elements, and climbing structures, and one of the goals of Project Oliver is to help raise funding for large natural play spaces which will be accessible to those chimpanzees in habitats which still have concrete bottoms, such as Rudy’s.