July 14, 2010

It takes many hands to run an animal sanctuary, including care staff, veterinarians, volunteers, animal specialists and outside supporters. As the Project Oliver web series progresses, we hope to introduce you to many of the people involved — and you can read about them here.


Executive Director – Brooke Chavez
Drawing from twelve years of experience as Founder and President of Sunny Day Farms Animal Sanctuary, Brooke Chavez is a welcome addition to the Primarily Primates. Her unique and thoughtful approach to creating enrichment for the animals at Primarily Primates has garnered attention from sanctuaries around the world.

President, Primarily Primates Board of Directors — Priscilla Feral
Priscilla, president of the international animal advocacy group, Friends of Animals, founded in New York in 1957,
agreed to serve as Primarily Primates president in May 2007. A resident of Connecticut, Priscilla makes frequent trips to the sanctuary to provide administrative support and oversight. Her first collaboration with Primarily Primates started in 1988 after rescuing a chimpanzee and several monkeys from a defunct roadside zoo,
and having these animals transferred to the sanctuary.

Priscilla has worked as an advocate for animals for more than three decades, and seeks to cultivate respect
for their right to live on their terms. Together with Lee Hall, Priscilla authored Dining With Friends: The Art of North American Vegan Cuisine, and in 2009, authored The Best of Vegan Cooking, with proceeds going to animal advocacy, and lifetime care in Texas for abandoned primates.

Veterinarian — Valerie Kirk, D.V.M.
Dr. Val, a primate expert, has been the sanctuary’s on-site veterinarian for several years. She monitors the health and welfare of the sanctuary’s approximately 400 monkeys, apes, lemurs, birds and other animals who reside at Primarily Primates and makes recommendations to the Executive Director and care staff.

Maintenance Supervisor — Tracey Jackson
Tracey has worked at Primarily Primates since 1999 in a variety of needed functions. His expertise in maintenance, design and construction are assets to the sanctuary, as improvements are ongoing at any sanctuary.

Tracey has renovated and built many of the newly-constructed living and sleeping areas for primates along with climbing structures and other structures for enrichment.