Ways to Support

July 13, 2010

There are many exciting ways to help design, fund and build a new home for Oliver! We will be announcing those soon. For now, here are some excellent ways that you can lend your support.

Donate to the Project Oliver Habitat
As of June 2013, approximately $85,000 has been raised towards the goal of building “Oliver’s Playscape”. With the money that we have already raised, we should be able to begin construction in August-September of 2013. The remaining funds that are needed will go towards the completion of this project, which includes climbing and enrichment elements as well as the building of “Sky Tunnels” that will connect up to five habitats to this amazing grass bottomed playscape. “Make a Donation” link on our website.

Contribute Your Construction Skills or Materials
Are you an welder, engineer, carpenter, plumber or have another expertise that may help with the building of a new habitat?
Do you have construction materials that you feel may be usable for this project? Please contact us on our contact page.

Tell the world!
Do you have a great idea on how to get the word out there that we’re trying to build this amazing new playscape? Please forward that info to us, or send this link to our web page.